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Gerhard Richter

Hollywood Smile

3 minutes

Hollywood smile: history Back in a days only famous people, such as actors, were proud of having hollywood smile /…

Children’s dentist | Dentistry from deciduous teeth onwards

4 minutes

As parents, we often pay special attention to our children's milestones: first steps, first words, first day of school, however,…

Safe Dentistry: Infection Prevention and Control

4 minutes

Infection prevention and control measures are paramount to safe dentistry. For patients, the safety of dentistry is, of course, the…


Tooth Decay Causes and Treatment Methods

3 minutes

Tooth decay is a dental disease. Studies show that among adults aged 20 and older, about 90% have had at…

Tooth, tooth with veneer, tooth with crown

Veneers and Artificial Crowns: Understanding Dental Restoration

4 minutes

Veneers and Artificial Crowns: Understanding Dental Restoration Veneers and artificial crowns are two main solutions for dental restoration used in…

Surgeons working with patient

Dental Implants: Reinvention of Tooth Implant

5 minutes

  Dental Implants history   Dental implants installation is one of the most in demand surgical dental procedures. Dental implantation…

გამჭვირვალე ელაინერები

Teeth Alignment: Braces or Aligners?

4 minutes

Teeth Alignment (orthodontics): braces, aligners Why teeth alignment is required?  Pathological misalignment of teeth is not only an aesthetic problem.…


Teeth Cleaning in Dental Clinic

3 minutes

Teeth cleaning: definition and overview Professional teeth cleaning is a preventive procedure performed by dentists to maintain optimal oral health.…