Teeth Cleaning


At Richter’s dental clinic in Tbilisi, our experienced doctors deliver top-tier professional teeth cleaning, a routine dental procedure crucial for maintaining oral health. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and innovative practices, we prioritise the highest quality of service to ensure your natural smile’s brilliance and aesthetic appeal.

What is Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is a frequent dentistry procedure to remove soft, pigmented, and dense dental plaque. Conducted at regular intervals, typically biannually, this preventive measure not only restores teeth’s natural whiteness but also enhances their aesthetic appeal.

Why is Professional Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

Hygienic Maintenance

Different substances entering the mouth daily have adverse effects on teeth. Stains from these substances can lead to discolouration. Over time, plaque can harden into calculus, contributing to gum issues and unpleasant breath. Professional dental hygiene addresses these concerns, allowing for a thorough examination of oral health.

Preventive and Diagnostic Benefits

Regular teeth cleaning helps prevent cavities and gum diseases while allowing dentists to identify and conduct procedures such as tooth filling.

Teeth Cleaning Process

The procedure comprises two stages:

  1. Plaque Removal: Hard plaques are removed using ultrasound and an antiseptic solution. In some cases, pigmented plaques are eliminated with a special powder.
  2. Polishing: The second stage involves using rubbers, brushes, and abrasive pastes to enhance the teeth smooth surface.

At the conclusion, a fluoride-containing preparation is applied to your teeth, leaving you with a beautiful smile and heightened self-confidence.


How to Prepare for Professional Teeth Cleaning?

  • Abstain from alcohol and tobacco
  • Brush your teeth
  • Avoid foods that heighten tooth sensitivity

What to do After Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Maintain proper oral hygiene and schedule repeated visits for long-term results.

What’s the Recommended Frequency of Teeth Cleaning?

Recommended biannually, with variations based on individual cases. For more information, ask your dentist during your dental consultation.

How Long Does Teeth Cleaning Last?

The procedure typically lasts 40-50 minutes.