Dental Consultation


The dental consultation is the pivotal initial phase in treating and enhancing the oral cavity, preceding any procedural intervention. During this crucial step, our specialists meticulously evaluate the current state of your mouth, assisting in the strategic planning of subsequent actions.

Who Benefits from a Dental Consultation?

A dental consultation is tailored for individuals who:

  • Periodically check oral cavity condition.
  • Experience specific oral problems and are initiating or planning ongoing treatment.
  • Plan future aesthetic or medical procedures.

The primary aim of the consultation is to identify your unique needs and formulate a personalised action plan. At Richters, a dental clinic in Tbilisi, our dentists communicate the condition of your mouth in straightforward language, ensuring comprehensive understanding and addressing all queries. At Richter Dental Clinic in Tbilisi, our dentists will introduce you to the condition of your oral cavity, diagnose you – starting from common dental issues such as tooth decay to complex procedures like maxillofacial surgery, veneers or implants, you can undergo any procedure!

Free and Paid Dental Consultation Options

At Richter’s Dental Clinic, we offer both free and paid consultation options:

Free Consultation: Encompasses an interview, oral examination, and recommendations within a half-hour timeframe.

Paid Consultation: In-depth assessment, including a standard interview, oral examination, collaborative recommendations from diverse dental specialists, complex analyses, and detailed photography. The duration ranges from 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes on average.

Subsequently, Richter’s patients receive comprehensive insights into their oral health and collaborate with our dentists to plan future steps.


What to Consider Before Consultation?

Before your dental consultation, lightly brush your teeth, abstain from alcohol consumption, and provide your dentist with a detailed medical history.

How do you care for your mouth after consultation?

Post-consultation, adhere to specific recommendations from your dentist before your next visit.

How Long Does the Consultation Last?

A free consultation spans a maximum of 30 minutes, while a paid consultation averages between 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What Does a Dental Consultation Generally Include?

At Richter’s clinic, seasoned professionals employ modern equipment, such as skin allergy tests, digital X-rays, computer tomography, etc., to conduct comprehensive investigations into your oral health.