Dental Implants: Reinvention of Tooth Implant


Dental Implants history


Dental implants installation is one of the most in demand surgical dental procedures. Dental implantation first known cases are known from Ancient Mayans, who were installing them in around 600AD. However, modern titanium dental implants have relatively new history, it is around 60 years old. The pioneer / inventor in the field in XX century was Swedish physician and Researcher Per-Ingvar Brånemark. Mr. Brånemark found out that body tolerates long-term presence of titanium material. Further he decided to use titanium implants as a base in human jaws for further placement on it of artificial crowns. This was the beginning of changing of lives of people with missing teeth.

Modern dental implants were introduced to Georgia in late 90s. Pioneers of installation of dental implants in Tbilisi are Dr. Kakhaber Gurgenidze, Dr. Giorgi Gviniashvili, Dr. Mamuka Gogiberidze, Dr. Kakhaber Metreveli.


Dental Implants Use

Dental implants have three major functions: 

  1. Restoration of teeth chewing function;
  2. Aesthetic;
  3. Overall health of person.

Teeth chewing function

Chewing / biting function of teeth is obviously primary function of teeth in order to process food. Biting pressure of 1 tooth is on average around 100kg. So, lacking of even one tooth results in certain lack of its proper processing. It creates discomfort as in certain cases you may need to avoid eating the food that you would like. However, when the lost teeth number increases – one may be in need of eating only liquid or very soupy mixtures. As the result the body may lack required vitamins and minerals.


Girl with lost tooth


Lack of 1 tooth may be not that catastrophic for overall chewing function of teeth, but lack of tooth may result in very serious change of overall outlook of person. Person with healthy looking teeth are associated with person:

  • with overall good health;
  • with a possibility to take care of their health;
  • who takes care of their health.

Thus, aesthetical function of having teeth plays pivotal role in confidence of person, especially when smiling.

Overall health of person

Lack of teeth has direct impact on health of jaws’ bone. When the place in jaw which was functioning as base for tooth is now used itself for chewing function – it causes:

  1. poor processing of food;
  2. lose of bone thickness;
  3. gum disease;
  4. food digestion problems.

Surgeons working with patient


Process of Dental Implants Installation

Process of dental implants installation consists of multiple steps:

  1. Diagnostics (Consultation with maxillofacial surgeon / dental implantologist, CT Scan (3D Computer Scan)). Takes 1 day.
  2. Planning of installation by doctor (number of implants, position of implants, type of implants), on the basis of CT Scan. Takes 1 day.
  3. Conducting of preparatory procedures (if needed) (bone grafting / teeth extraction). May take up to 1 week.
  4. Making dental impressions for navigational implantation. This is not always the case, but in our dental clinic in Tbilisi we do only navigational implantation, pros of it will be discussed below. Takes 1 day.
  5. Installation of dental implants into jawbone. Takes 1 day.
  6. Fuse of jawbone with the dental implant, as the result, the dental implant is firmly concreted into the jawbone. Takes couple of months.
  7. Installation of abutment (a connector with the implant, which fills implant from the inside and on top of which the artificial crown is installed) and taking impressions for artificial crowns. Takes 1 day.
  8. Preparation and installation of non-removable prosthesis.
  9. Ongoing maintenance of dental implants: regular check ups with dental clinic, keeping ideal hygiene.

Each step is crucial. Generally, dental implantation needs proper planning and readiness from the patient to commit.

Navigational implantation

As mentioned before, in our dental clinic in Tbilisi – we make dental implantation only by navigational method. Navigational method of dental implantation means that the process is planned via software, that uses CT scan of the patient and experience of the implantologist. With help of the software – implantologist analyses various outcomes of different positionings and angles, deciding which option is the most beneficial for the patient.

Once the best positioning is determined – the clinic fabricates surgical guide for very precise installation in accordance with plan set in advance. The accuracy of the installed implants is sub-millimeter. Only after putting those surgical guides on the patients jaws the installation is completed.

Using this method maximized precision and minimizes trauma. This creates huge value, as the surgery and healing time become shorter. Plus to that, the patient has much better understanding and view in their mind of the expectations from the operation.

All-on-4 vs All-on-6

All-on-4 and all-on-6 represents two most popular techniques for installation of dental implants. They are used in cases where there is no, or almost no teeth left in the oral cavity. As it is clear from the name of techniques: all-on-4 means that the whole prosthesis is supported by 4 implants, whereas all-on-6 means that 6 implants are used for the same purposes. The choice between All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implant procedures depends on various factors including the patient’s oral health, bone density, and treatment goals.

All-on-6 is used mainly for patients with better bone density or volume, or for those who require additional stability due to extensive tooth loss or bone resorption. Whereas, all-on-4 normally is needed for patients with moderate to severe bone loss as it relies on strategic implant placement to maximize existing bone support.

All-on-6 makes makes it possible to distribute support of prosthesis on more implants than all-on-4, which creates additional support and stability. From timing perspective, obviously all-on-6 requires more time and is more expensive. Success rate can be equal using both techniques.

Ultimately, the choice between All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants should be made in consultation with a qualified dental professional who can assess the patient’s specific needs, oral health status, and treatment objectives. Our dental clinic uses in practice both techniques, depending on case. Contact us for getting a consultation.

All-on-4 Implantation Procedure



Types of dental implants

Without going in details, we would emphasize that usage of certain type of dental implants vary depending on the jawbone density and thickness. All implants used are normally made out of titanium material. Difference between the implants is normally their design, screws, abutments, modified / sophisticated outer parts. Some dental implants are specifically produced to be inserted:

  1. in ordinary healthy bone;
  2. in thick bones;
  3. with insufficient bone;
  4. with intention of instant load.

Brands of dental implants

Renowned dental implant producer countries are USA, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, South Korea, Italy. Popular brands that are used particularly in our Georgian dental clinic are:

  1. Straumann
  2. Camlog
  3. SGS
  4. Zimmer

Brand is important, as it increases trust towards the implants between the patients. Dental implant brands are constantly evolving and introducing new products, with more sophisticated details and innovations. Though, the brand and the quality of implant itself play very important role, pivotal point is the qualification and level of maxillofacial surgeon conducting the operation.


From ancient origins to modern innovations, dental implants have revolutionized oral health. Our team of expert implantologists offers precision procedures tailored to your needs. Whether your goal is restoring chewing function, enhancing aesthetics, or preserving overall health, our navigational implantation technique ensures optimal outcomes. Our dentists use all the modern techniques and machines for proper dental implantation. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence as we transform your smile and your life. Schedule your consultation today.