Dental Prosthesis


For those with missing teeth, dentures offer an optimal solution. A prosthesis comprising artificial teeth and gums is expertly crafted at Richter’s Dental Clinic, providing a removable option at your convenience.

At Richter’s, a dental clinic in Tbilisi, our removable dentures are crafted from top-tier materials, ensuring a sleek, comfortable, and durable prosthesis that restores your smile and boosts your self-confidence.

Types of Prostheses at Richter:

Removable Prostheses:

Ideal for those missing one or more teeth, this type is comfortable and convenient. Complete dentures are utilised when all teeth are missing, while partial dentures suit patients with some missing teeth. Easily removable for cleaning and sleep, these prostheses offer flexibility.

Dental Bridges:

Designed for those missing one or more teeth, dental bridges are fixed structures that fill the gap left by a missing tooth. Attached to adjacent natural teeth or implants, dental bridges are non-removable, providing a stable and natural solution.

Dental Implants:

Offering a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth, dental implants consist of titanium posts inserted into the jawbone, serving as artificial tooth roots. A crown is then affixed to the implant, creating a natural, durable, and comfortable prosthesis.

Bügel-Like Prosthesis:

Richter’s clinic also offers Bügel-like prostheses for cases of incomplete tooth loss. This removable structure, consisting of plastic teeth, artificial gum, and a metal frame, allows for distributed chewing force between the gum and the tooth.

Procedure Overview


A stomatology consultation at Richter’s Clinic involves an examination of your mouth, and the dentist recommends the most suitable prosthesis for your needs.

Impression and Construction

The dentist takes an accurate impression and constructs a prosthesis that perfectly fits your mouth, ensuring comfort and a natural appearance.

Fitting and Adjustments

At the next visit, you will receive the prepared prosthesis. Fitting procedures vary based on the type of prosthesis. Over time, the dentist monitors its functionality and may call you for necessary adjustments.

Discover a renewed smile and comfort with Richter’s expertly crafted dental prostheses.


What Should We Include in Oral Care Routine After the Procedure?

To ensure the longevity of the prosthesis, maintaining the highest level of oral hygiene, equivalent to caring for natural teeth, is crucial.

What to Expect After Placing the Prosthesis?

Initially, patients may experience increased salivation, difficulty speaking, and chewing, which is normal. With time, the oral cavity adapts, and discomfort diminishes.

What Materials Are Used in Artificial Teeth?

Artificial teeth are crafted from plastic, porcelain, or a combination of both. Metal or plastic clamps are used for fixation.