Clear Aligner Braces

Richter’s Dental Clinic in Tbilisi introduces a cutting-edge method for treating jaw-dental anomalies: aligners. This revolutionary approach to orthodontic care, provided by our clinic, offers a faster, more comfortable, and more straightforward process for straightening teeth.

Key Features of Aligners


Aligners are individually crafted for each patient in a technical laboratory or specialised factory. Patients can remove transparent liners at any time.

Consultation with a Dentist

A crucial step before aligner installation is a comprehensive dental consultation. The dentist examines the oral cavity, identifies any issues, and determines the effectiveness of teeth straightening with aligners for the specific patient. If aligners are unsuitable, the doctor offers alternative treatment options, for example, braces for teeth alignment.

Benefits of Aligners


Aligners offer exceptional comfort as they are entirely transparent and practically invisible. Patients often report minimal sensation, making them a preferred choice for teeth straightening.

Easy Maintenance

The removable nature of aligners simplifies oral care. Patients can easily remove them for cleaning, facilitating better oral hygiene practices. Cleaning aligners with a brush and water is sufficient, but chewing gum is not recommended due to its tendency to stick to the aligners.

Fast Results

Aligners provide efficient teeth straightening, delivering guaranteed results in a relatively short timeframe, depending on the patient’s condition. Additionally, the frequency of consultations is significantly reduced when using aligners. If you’re having trouble deciding which method to choose: aligners or braces, first consult your dentist, evaluate your condition, and consider all the factors listed above that characterize wearing aligners.


What should be considered before straightening teeth with aligners?

A doctor conducts a thorough dental consultation to assess the oral condition and provide necessary advice for the teeth straightening process.

How do you care for aligners?

Cleaning aligners with a brush and rinsing them in water is sufficient. Avoid using chewing gum, as it can adhere to the aligners. No other food restrictions apply.

When can aligners be used?

Aligners are suitable for both adults and teenagers who have completed the process of jaw growth.

In what cases are aligners effective?

Aligners are effective for individuals with mild to moderate malocclusion seeking teeth straightening solutions.