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3D Computed Tomography in a Dental Clinic Tbilisi

In dentistry, accuracy is not just a preference, but a necessity. Achieving this precision requires 3D computer tomography – a service of vital importance in a dental clinic. Computer tomography allows for the visualization of significant details that are essential for a correct and accurate diagnosis.

What is 3D Computed Tomography?

3D computer tomography, also known as dental CT, is the best visualization technique that creates a complete three-dimensional visual of a patient’s craniofacial structure using X-ray images taken from different angles. Unlike traditional X-rays, which offer two-dimensional visuals, 3D CT scans are volumetric, allowing their images to be accessed on a computer.

The Benefits of 3D Computed Tomography

After taking a computer tomography scan, the dentist has a three-dimensional image of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve endings, and bone structure. This procedure is absolutely safe for anyone. The benefits of 3D computer tomography are:

Accurate Diagnosis: Computer tomography helps dentists in identifying dental problems and pathologies that are not visible with traditional X-rays. Tomography can detect early signs of gum disease (like periodontitis), fractures in the jawbone, and other such dental issues, facilitating diagnosis not just for solving problems but also for prevention.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning: 3D Computed Dental Tomography is a vital service required for proper planning of various dental services such as dental implantation , surgical tooth extraction , dentures , orthodontic teeth straightening , etc. Dental CT allows dentists to minimize the risks associated with the above dental interventions and optimize outcomes.

Patient Comfort: For dentists, patient comfort is the most important. Having an accurate image allows them to provide correct information about the patient’s condition, treatment options, and how to prevent future issues.

Our 3D Dental CT Machine

At our dental clinic in Tbilisi, you can have an oral CT scan using the best-in-class Planmeca device ProMax 3D​ Classic ® (Made in Finland). This machine accurately captures visuals of the patient’s bones and teeth, along with other relevant information. As a result, it becomes easier for the dentist to establish effective treatment methods, and the prognosis becomes more precise. Achieving the desired Hollywood smile for everyone would be unimaginable without tomography.

3D Computer Tomography Price

The cost of a 3D computer tomography scan at our dental clinic Tbilisi is 100 GEL. Visit our clinic for a dental consultation, and our dentists will determine if you need a dental CT scan.


Is 3D Computer Tomography Safe?

Yes, 3D computer tomography is completely safe. Our modern Planmeca machine has minimal radiation levels.

How Long does a tomography scan take?

A 3D computer tomography scan only takes a few minutes. The scanning process takes less than a minute, though the additional time may be required for preparation.

Is computer tomography painful?

No, the process is completely painless, as it is non-invasive and discomfort is minimal.

How should I prepare for computer tomography?

Generally, no special preparation is needed for a computer tomography scan. You may be asked to remove accessories to not interfere with the scan. Consult with your dentist, and they will provide the necessary information.