Plasma Therapy


Plasma therapy is a cutting-edge procedure in cosmetology, boasting numerous advantages and positive outcomes. At Richter’s Clinic, plasma therapy, akin to plasma lifting, is conducted with the utmost safety and efficiency, aligning with the latest practices.

Deciphering Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy addresses various skin and hair concerns to enhance specific aspects. Like plasma lifting, the patient’s blood plasma is the primary substance utilised in the procedure. Autoplasm enriched with platelets ensures the elimination of any potential complications.

The liquid plasma, meticulously prepared in the laboratory, is injected under the skin, catering to both facial and hair applications. For the skin’s surface, gel plasma is delicately applied.

Objectives of Plasma Therapy:

Essentially, plasma therapy strives to enhance hair and skin conditions, encompassing diverse factors.

For the Skin:

Plasma therapy for the skin targets indications such as:

  • Black rings around the eyes
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Loose skin
  • Purulent rash and forehead acne
  • Acne and acne spots
  • Altered oval of the face
  • Pronounced wrinkle in the nose-lip area
  • Loss of skin elasticity

As a result of the procedure, the skin undergoes rejuvenation, bolstering its regenerative and restorative capabilities.

For the Hair:

Hair plasma therapy is tailored for individuals experiencing:

  • Weak, brittle, split-end hair
  • Seborrhea and dandruff
  • Hair loss
  • Deterioration of hair frequency and structure

Plasma therapy contributes to reducing hair loss while restoring hair structure and volume.

Richter’s Clinic also offers mesotherapy procedures for hair loss and various skin complications.


Is it Possible to Combine Plasma Therapy with Other Procedures:

Yes, plasma therapy can be seamlessly combined with other dermo-cosmetic procedures.

Timeframe for Results:

Results typically become apparent about three weeks post-procedure, gaining prominence over time.

Duration of the Procedure:

The average duration of the procedure is 45 minutes, administered thrice at 4-6 week intervals.

Safety of Plasma Therapy:

Plasma therapy is entirely safe, utilising autoplasm rich in platelets without impurities.