Cosmetic Dermatologist’s Consultation


A licensed dermatologist and cosmetologist skillfully execute every dermato-cosmetology procedure at Richter’s Clinic, a cosmetology skin care clinic in Tbilisi. Our approach is centred around tailoring procedures to meet patients’ unique wishes, needs, and conditions.

Dermato-Cosmetologist Consultation Overview

Before any procedure, the patient undergoes an individual consultation with our dermatologist-cosmetologist, involving the following key processes:

1. Inspection and Condition Assessment:

A detailed examination of the patient’s skin, face structure, and features to establish a solid foundation for treatment.

2. Discussing the Client’s Goals:

Careful consideration of the patient’s wishes and expectations, whether it involves skin rejuvenation, improvement of specific aspects, or addressing a particular cosmetic concern.

3. Examination of Medical History:

A comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the chosen procedure. Factors that might impact treatment are considered, and any contraindications are communicated, with alternative options provided if needed.

4. Procedure Selection:

Based on the examination and health assessment, the cosmetologist recommends an ideal procedure to achieve the patient’s specific goals. Options may include laser therapy, chemical peeling, plasma lifting, and more.

5. Planning:

Following procedure selection, a unique action plan is crafted for each patient. The cosmetologist presents the plan and

outlines the anticipated results during the consultation.

6. Providing Information to the Patient:

The dermatologist-cosmetologist explains the procedure in detail, offering comprehensive information to ensure the patient understands and can make informed decisions.

Free and Paid Consultation Options:

Richter’s Clinic provides both free and paid consultations. Free consultations are for those who have already chosen a service, while paid consultations are suitable for patients seeking a professional opinion to aid procedure selection.

At Richter’s Clinic, our approach prioritises effective communication between the patient and the specialist. The consultation aims to listen to the patient’s needs, discuss treatment options, and develop a personalised action plan.


How do I sign up for a consultation?

You can sign up for a consultation through our website or by calling the clinic’s contact number.

What does a dermato-cosmetologist consultation include?

The consultation involves assessing the patient’s condition, understanding needs, examining medical history, selecting the procedure, and creating a treatment plan.

Is the consultation free of charge?

Both free and paid consultations are available at Richter’s Clinic. Paid consultations include procedure selection, while free consultations are for those who have already chosen a procedure.

What procedures can I perform at the Richter Clinic?

Richter’s Clinic offers a range of services, including deep cleansing of the face, facial peeling, plasma lifting, plasma therapy, bio revitalization – booster, mesotherapy, lifting with APTOS threads, and lip enlargement.