1 Jaw Full Restoration (Straumann Dental Implants + Zirconia Crowns)

Initially our Dental Clinic requests CT scan in electronic form, so we can plan medical treatment in advance. Once the plan is set there are multiple options in accordance to which the treatment can be done, and each case is individual, therefore the treatments are planned in accordance with individual needs. So, below you may find just one of many options that might be suitable for the patient.

From few remaining healthy teeth on a jaw to Hollywood smile:

Dental Services that are normally provided in accordance with dental protocol (please note that number of steps may not needed in your case / or additionally needed, so this is just for orientation purposes):

  1. Initial consultation with doctor on expectations;
  2. CT scan and its analysis;
  3. Professional hygiene procedures;
  4. Orthopedic and surgical consultation;
  5. Planning of implant positions, sinus lifting;
  6. Creating a template for navigational implantation;
  7. Extraction of damaged teeth;
  8. Filling / restoration of damaged teeth;
  9. Installation of all-on-four / all-on-six per 1 jaw;
  10. Creating dental impressions and making a temporary prosthesis;
  11. Installation of temporary prosthesis;
  12. Installation of permanent prosthesis;

Georgian Touristic Package Services Include:

  1. Arranging transfers from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport with premium class automobile (size depends on number of family members coming on the trip);
  2. Accommodation in hotel depending on preference (few options to be provided);
  3. Tbilisi city guided tours;
  4. Kakheti guided tours;
  5. Stepantsminda guided tour;
  6. Mtskheta guided tour;
  7. Breakfast, dinner organisation