Teeth Whitening


As we journey through life, various organic and inorganic substances enter our mouths, leading to changes in the colour of our teeth. Teeth whitening, an integral part of general dentistry, has become increasingly popular. Our Dental Clinic in Tbilisi is at the forefront, offering professional in-clinic services and take-home kits for continued care. Our dedicated dentists in Tbilisi are responsible for ensuring your smile remains natural and healthy.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Numerous factors contribute to teeth discolouration, with certain products such as tea, coffee, and nicotine having a notable impact. Additionally, internal changes in tooth colour, often due to enamel damage (congenital or acquired), can manifest as fluorosis, hypoplasia, tetracycline teeth, post-canal discolouration, and more. Professional teeth cleaning can also prove effective when the enamel surface is undamaged.

Teeth Whitening Methods at Our Dental Clinic 

Cap Whitening (Chemical Whitening)

This continuous, patient-performed procedure involves the creation of an individual cap based on an impression of the patient’s teeth. Our dentists apply a whitening gel to the cap, which can be worn anytime during the day. This method is favoured for its convenience and simplicity, requiring strict adherence to the prescribed time and frequency.

Light-Activated Whitening

Conducted exclusively at the clinic, this method delivers instant results. The process utilises a 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide, activated by rays applied by the dentist. Combining both cap and light-activated bleaching often yields optimal results.

It’s important to note that while teeth whitening procedures negatively affect oral seals, so tooth filling may be necessary after the procedure.


Is it possible to choose the desired one from different tones?

Yes, you can select the white shade you prefer at Richter’s Dental Clinic.

What should be considered before teeth whitening?

A professional cleaning is recommended before teeth whitening to ensure optimal results. 

How long does teeth whitening with caps last?

The procedure typically lasts about 5-10 days.