Deep Cleansing Facial


Richter Clinic presents deep facial skin cleansing, a vital cosmetology service ensuring a clean, healthy, and tender complexion. Over time, our facial skin accumulates dust, dirt, and makeup residues, diminishing the effectiveness of dermatological and cosmetic products. Deep facial cleansing becomes essential to restore the skin’s vitality.

What Does Deep Cleansing Involve?

Deep facial cleansing encompasses various procedures tailored to individual needs:

Makeup Removing

The process commences with makeup removal using a suitable gel, preparing the face for subsequent steps.

Surface Peeling and Dermabrasion

Surface peeling eliminates waste on the skin’s surface, preparing it for deep cleaning. Dermabrasion, if needed, thins pore scars and removes skin debris.

Hydrogel Mask

A hydrogel mask softens pigmentation, blackheads, or yellow dots, facilitating their removal.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Deep-seated dirt and debris are removed through ultrasonic cleaning on the entire face.

Mechanical Cleaning

Manual removal of fat deposits and blackheads is performed in the absence of skin inflammation. In some cases, a needle may be used for large fat deposits.

Dermatological Mask

A soothing and nourishing dermatological mask, selected based on the patient’s skin type, is applied.


The final step involves moisturising using a suitable cream and SPF to maximise the benefits.

Surface Cleaning Option

Richter’s Clinic, providing top-notch cosmetology skin care in Tbilisi, also offers surface cleansing, a streamlined version suitable for patients with dry skin. Unlike deep cleansing, it involves fewer steps and excludes dermabrasion or mechanical cleansing. During the cosmetologist’s consultation, the specialist will deduct the patient’s skin type and recommend the optimal option for skin cleansing.


What is the difference between deep and superficial facial cleansing?

Deep cleaning suits oily and problematic skin, while superficial cleaning is ideal for dry skin, requiring fewer steps.

What is the duration of deep facial cleansing?

On average, deep facial cleansing takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Is there any discomfort to expect during deep facial cleansing?

Licensed specialists at Richter Clinic ensure a painless and comfortable deep facial cleansing experience.

What is the recommended frequency of facial cleansing?

The frequency varies based on skin type. Dry skin may require deep cleaning twice a year, while patients with oily skin benefit from the procedure every 1.5 months, with intervals increasing over time.