Teona Kelaptrishvili

Teona Kelaptrishvili – Restorative Dentist | Pediatric Restorative Dentist

1998-2003 Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
2004-2005 Complete Dental Residency training in therapeutic dentistry at Unident Training Center.
2012-2012 Residency training in Pediatric Restorative Dentist
2020-2022 Complete Dental Residency training in orthodontic dentistry

Work experience

Dent LLC
Apex Dent
KM Dental
Dental House
Dental and Aesthetic Studio
Diagnostic centre Locus
Zara Dent

2010 – Technological Resources and Biological concept of minimally invasive endodontics
2011 – Science and Art of Aesthetic Restorations
2015 – STYLE ITALIANO lecture
2015 – Oral and Metabolic-Endocrine Pathology
2015 – New Paradigm in Treatment of Periodontal Diseases and Vector Therapy
2016 – Management of Periodontal, Oral Mucosa Diseases and Infection Control in dentistry
2018 – Advanced Technologies and Latest of ”DURR DENTAL” academy in prophylaxis and treatment of parodontitis and oral diseases.
2018 – 2 nd international Congress of Georgian Pediatric Dentistry Association.
2018 – Has successfully participated in lecture of “Children’s teeth trauma” @ ”Managing the children’s behavior at the dental admission.
2018 – Innovations in the classification, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal and oral mucosal diseases.
2022 – Training course on “The biomechanics of mini-implants in achieving excellence in result”.
2022 – Full training course on artistic restoration of teeth
2022 – Training course on “Orthodontic-Periodontal-Implant Synergies”
2023 – Training course on “Endodontic treatment aspects in complicated cases”
2023 – Training course on “High positioning braces elastics and occulusion pads”
2023 – Training course “BACK TO BASICS” (Italy)